Real-world experience is a crucial part of any education.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western University recognizes the need for hands-on research opportunities outside of class and is proud to guarantee a paid internship for every undergraduate student registered in one of the core specialization programs of the Department. The Department facilitates a wide range of positions in academic and industrial settings and will ensure that each student has had at least one summer internship experience by the beginning of their fourth year.

"Our students need to have hands-on experiential learning in their chosen field and develop transferable skills of communication and networking." - Prof. Shantanu Basu

There is an enormous variety of opportunity:

  • In academic settings
    • Professor-supervised projects in Physics and Astronomy at Western
    • Research through other departments at Western
    • Research at other universities
    • Physics and Astronomy Department internship (e.g., laboratory development)
  • In industrial environments
    • Internships at local companies
    • Internships in the rest of Canada
  • Through international experiences
    • Both academic and industrial opportunities through exchange programs

Full-year industrial opportunities are also available through the Science Internship Program and can last for either 8, 12, or 16 months.