Physics Topic Areas

Physics research at the Department broadly falls into four main subject areas. Our physics faculty are a diverse group of researchers cooperating across a broad range of specialties to solve novel problems in collaboration with other Western researchers as well as those from external universities, government, and industrial research laboratories. 

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Magnified CellsExperimental Condensed Matter Physics

Engineered materials, in the form of computer chips, optoelectronic devices, new polymers, and composites, are changing the world.

3D Render of material

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical and computational studies are conducted on the quantum properties of solids, the dynamics of complex fluids, and the interaction of light and matter in hybrid nanomaterials.

Imaging Dye Reaction

Medical Physics

The application of physics concepts and methods is invaluable in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease.

PEARL Lidar Station

Planetary Science

This encompasses a rich and diverse set of disciplines ranging from the study of planet formation and planetary systems, to comets, meteors, and asteroids, and the Earth's atmosphere.