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Find Physics & Astronomy news on other platforms and media. Our Faculty, Students, and Staff are active members of the scientific community, check out contributions within the following sources. 

  • Western Worlds PodcastWestern Worlds offers bi-weekly podcasts, featuring interviews with researchers, engineers, scientists, or advocates representing the local, national, and global planetary science and space exploration communities. The content of the interviews is designed to be accessible and interesting for a wide range of listeners. Interviews are followed by round-table discussions lead by Western Worlds' co-hosts, who have a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

  • Western Science Speaks: We live science every single day but we take for granted that the world around us and how we think about it is constantly changing. Featuring frequent guest speakers from Physic & Astronomy, join Western Science Speaks with host Henry Standage as he chats with guests  to answer humanity's most interesting and important questions, because, behind all the formulas and graphs, sciences is our past, our present, and our future.
  • GradCast: Often featuring Physics & Astronomy students, Gr adCast is the official radio show and podcast of the  Society of Graduate Students  at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2012, the mandate of the GradCast Editorial Board is to highlight graduate students at the University of Western Ontario in a media context. We aim to showcase the innovative research that graduate students are conducting at Western University and appeal to various audiences including those within and beyond the academic community. 


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