Selecting A First-Year Course

Flowchart for selecting first-year physics course

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Physics 1101 - Primarily for students in programs other than Science and Medical Sciences. No grade 12 physics or calculus and vectors requirement. Leads to Physics 1102, or other physics courses if a mark of 80% is achieved.

Physics 1201 - Appropriate for most Science and BMSc students. No grade 12 physics or vectors and calculus requirement, but does require Western Math 0110A. Typically leads to Physics 1202.

Physics 1401 - Required course for Engineering students. Typically leads to Physics 1402.

Physics 1501 - Targeted towards science students who enjoy physics. Requires grade 12 physics and calculus and vectors. Calculus 1000A is a co-requisite. Typically leads to Physics 1502 or IS1001X.

First-year courses at a glance: