Grad Council

The Physics and Astronomy Graduate Council represents physics and astronomy graduate students. We are an organization devoted to improving the quality of life of graduate students through social events on campus and through advocacy with larger organizations such as SOGS, PSAC 610, and faculty.

Your Graduate Council,


(left to right) Bottom row: Charmi Bhatt and Kasia Wisniewski; Middle row: Claudia Tugulan, Yung Kipreos, Aishwarya Kumar, and Mark Suffak; Top row: Sakina Hussain, Bavithra Naguleswaran, Navid Afrasiabian, Dilanjan Diyabalange.   


Coffee Break: Tuesdays, 2:00 - 2:30, second-floor lounge, Physics & Astronomy Building

We host social events a few times a semester, to keep up to date be sure to like our Facebook page and watch out for emails from

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