EDI-D: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization

The Physics & Astronomy Department aspires to be an equitable, diverse, inclusive and decolonized environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all members of the community are treated with dignity and respect. Everyone should be able to work, learn, teach and do science in a safe environment, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, age, ethnicity, race, Indigenous status, or religion.

Committee Members


Shantanu Basu (Chair),  basu@uwo.ca 
Gonca Erdemci Tandogan,  gerdemci@uwo.ca 
Sarah Gallagher, sgalla4@uwo.ca 
Alexei Ouriadov, aouriado@uwo.ca 


Nirosh Getangama, ngetanga@uwo.ca 


Hannah Christie, hchris2@uwo.ca


Nika Ghasimi, nghasimi@uwo.ca 
Merdeka Miles, mmiles24@uwo.ca 

Recent and Upcoming Events

Feb 1, 2024: Undergraduate mentorship event
Mar 1, 2024: Diversi-tea event
Mar 17, 2024: Graduate student EDI-D discussion
Jun 21, 2024: Pizza & Perspectives event


Special issue of Physics in Canada focused on EDI: https://pic-pac.cap.ca/
Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) list of EDI resources: https://casca.ca/?page_id=17441
Western Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:  https://www.edi.uwo.ca/