Electrical transport mechanisms in the ensembles of silicon quantum structures

Supervisor: Dr. Lyudmila Goncharova/Dr. Peter Simpson

Project Description (Abstract):

There are a number of unsolved fundamental and technological problems involving semiconductor quantum materials that await dynamic or time-resolved measurements for being fully understood. This future project will be focused on understanding of excitation and deexitation phenomena for Si quantum dots (QD) in various dielectric materials. In this project student will get a broad experience with several material preparation and characterization tools. First, a student will prepare amorphous quantum dots using ion implantation (see figure below). Next optical properties will be examined using photoluminescence (PL) and time-resolved PL. Recrystallization will be studied using surface- sensitive (Rutherford backscattering, X-ray photoemission, and bulk (X-ray diffraction) techniques in a range of controlled ambient conditions. The goal is to improve our understanding of QD optical properties and coupling between QD and defects, as well as learning more about local structure.