Intratumoral Modulation Therapy for Glioblastoma

Supervisor: Dr. Eugene Wong

Project Description (Abstract):

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of primary brain tumors.  We have shown in-vitro and in-vivo that cancer cells are sensitive to non-ablative electrotherapy delivered by electrodes implanted in the brain tumour.  Computer modeling of an electrode array will be used for the prediction of spatial distribution of electric potential and current in-vivo using MR imaging of the brain.  In particular, MR images will be used to separate white and grey matter as well as cerebral spinal fluids for their conductance and dielectric properties. The predicted potential and current distribution may then be tested in a rat tumor model.  The student will be involved in creating a treatment planning system to optimize the electrode positions and stimulation voltages to maximize the electric field coverage of the tumour.