Changes in Humidity in the High Arctic due to Global Warming over the last 10 years (MSc)

Supervisor: Dr. W.K. Hocking

Project Description (Abstract):

This project is intended for students with an interest in making important contributions to studies of global warming in the arctic. A trip to the far northern regions (80 degrees North) may/can be part of the project (for those with an adventurous spirit). A windprofiler radar was instsalled at the Eureka weather station in 2007, and has been monitoring atmospheric behaviour since that time. As time has passed, signal strengths seem to have increased, and the tropopause has become visible on radar in recent years. This all indicates that the humidity in these regions is increasing, and the purpose of this project will be to assess the degree of humidity change over the last 10 years using balloon and radar data.  Potential impact on arctic weather will be determined. The project does not require specific knowledge of radar  methods or balloon techniques, although it is to be hoped that the student involved has an interest in learning  about these methods. However, specifics about the project may be tuned to match the skills and interests 
of the successful applicant.