Aaron Sigut, Professor and Graduate Chair


Contact Information

Office: PAB 124
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x86718
E-mail: asigut@uwo.ca


Research Areas

Circumstellar disks
Radiative transfer
Stellar atmospheres
Computational Astrophysics

Research Interests

My main research interests are circumstellar disks around hot stars, classical Be stars, Herbig Ae/Be stars, and non-LTE radiative transfer as applied to precise stellar abundance determinations.  I am also interested in optical and near-IR stellar interferometry.   All of my research projects involve large scale computational modelling.



  1. Sigut, T.A.A. & Patel, P 2013 "The Correlation between Hα Emission and Visual Magnitude during Long-term Variations in Classical Be Stars," ApJ 765, 41.
  2. Ahmed, A, & Sigut, T.A.A. 2012 "The Temperature Structure of Be Star Disks in the Small Magellanic Clouds," ApJ 744, 191.
  3. McGill,M. A., Sigut, T.A.A., & Jones, C.E. 2011 "The Thermal Structure of Gravitationally Darkened Classical Be Star Disks," ApJ 743, 111.
  4. Sigut, T.A.A., & Jones, C.E. 2007 "The Thermal Structure of the Circumstellar Disk Surrounding the Classical Be Star Gamma Cassiopeiae," ApJ 668, 481
  5. Sigut, T.A.A., & Pradhan, A.K. 2003 "Predicted FeII Emission Line Strengths from Active Galactic Nuclei," ApJ SS, 145, 15

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Physics 4351B : Electromagnetic Theory II

Physics 9302A / Astronomy 9620A: Classical Electrodynamics
Astronomy 9606S: Radiative Processes in Astrophysics
Astronomy Graduate Seminar


  • USC Teaching Honour Roll 2011-2012
  • Faculty of Science Outreach Award 2010 (awarded to entire Astronomy Group)

Professional Activities

  • Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, 2007-2012
  • Local Organizing Committee, 42nd Annual CASCA Meeting (2011)
  • Canadian Astronomical Society
  • International Astronomical Union