Lyudmila Goncharova, Professor

Lyudmila Goncharova

Contact Information

Office: PAB 231
Lab: PAB 216, PAB 225

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Tandetron Laboratory

Research Areas

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanomaterials

Research Interests

We employ novel methods of growing nanomaterials (ion implantation, atomic layer deposition, molecular beam epitaxy) and study them by surface characterization with sub-nanometer depth resolution (such as medium energy ion scattering), and atomic-scale lateral resolution (scanning probe microscopy). Notably, my research interests are to a large extent focused not on a particular class of materials, which is more common in material’s science areas, but rather on methods. Our group developed extensive expertise in medium energy ion scattering (MEIS), a high-resolution ion beam analysis technique capable of providing quantitative information on the structure and composition of shallow layers with sub-nm depth resolution near the surface. In addition to well-established applications of MEIS to study diffusion and oxidation processes, we have been re-examining fundamental parameters, such as the stopping cross section in the medium ion energy range.

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  1. Brocklebank, M., Feltham, H., Noël, J.J., Goncharova, L.V. “Mechanism of titanium electrochemical oxidation via isotopic labeling, high resolution ion depth profiling, and impedance spectroscopy” (2022) Electrochimica Acta, 435, art. no. 141342. DOI:10.1016/j.electacta.2022.141342
  2. Adam, M.C., Darukhanawalla, N., Gaudet, J.M., O'Hara, G., Harford, P., Hall, G., Ociepa, J., Weber, M.H., Simpson, P.J., Goncharova, L.V. “Surface Debye temperature determination from LEED: correlation to defects in epitaxial films” (2022) Surface Science, 723, art. no. 122104. DOI:10.1016/j.susc.2022.122104
  3. Jin, E., Tantratian, K., Zhao, C., Codirenzi, A., Goncharova, L.V., Wang, C., Yang, F., Wang, Y., Pirayesh, P., Guo, J., Chen, L., Sun, X., Zhao, Y. “Ionic Conductive and Highly-Stable Interface for Alkali Metal Anodes” (2022) Small, 18 (33), art. no. 2203045. DOI:10.1002/smll.202203045
  4. Goncharova, L.V., Simpson, P.J. “Ion Beam Modification for Si Photonics” (2022) Physics (Switzerland), 4 (2), pp. 383-393. DOI:10.3390/physics4020025

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Physics 2910: Introduction to Physical Measurement

Physics 9826: Surface Science


  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) University Faculty Award, 2007–2012
  • American Vacuum Society, Electronic Materials and Processing Division, Postdoctoral Award, 2005
  • American Vacuum Society, Nellie Yeoh Whetten Research Award, 2002
  • Excellence in Graduate Research Award of the Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University, 2002
  • Research Fellowship of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, 1996–1997

Professional Activities

  • Radiation Safety Committee, Western University, 2019-present
  • Director, Tandetron Accelerator Facility, 2012-present