Giovanni Fanchini, Professor


Contact Information

Office: PAB 229
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x86238 

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Research Areas

Carbon-based nanomaterials

Research Interests

Fabrication and testing of electronic and optical nano-devices, including solar cells, and their behavior in the environment. Our devices are assembled by solution-processing from organic materials, such as graphene, graphene/ribonucleic acid (RNA) nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes and photo-active polymers and organic crystals. We are especially interested on the role played by structural defects and impurities on the performance of these devices.


  1. A. Akbari-Sharbaf, J.M. Baribeau, X. Wu, D.J. Lockwood, G. Fanchini (2013) Disorder and defect formation mechanisms in molecular-beam-epitaxy grown silicon epilayers. Thin Solid Films, 527, 38
  2. R. Bauld, L.M. Fleury, M. Van Walsh, G. Fanchini (2012) Correlation between density of paramagnetic centers and photovoltaic degradation in polythiophene-fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells. Appl. Phys. Lett 101, 103306
  3. F. Sharifi, R. Bauld, M.S. Ahmed and G. Fanchini (2012) Transparent and conducting Graphene-RNA nanocmposites. Small 8, 699
  4. P. Barpanda, G. Fanchini, G.G. Amatucci (2011) Structure surface morphology and electrochemical properties of brominated activated carbons. Carbon, 49, 2538
  5. G. Eda, G. Fanchini, M. Chhowalla (2009) Large-area ultrathin films of reduced graphene oxide as a transparent and flexible electronic material. Nature Nanotechnology 3, 270.


P2910G: Introduction to Physical Measurement
P4850B: Nanomaterials

P9810B: Optics and Photovoltaics
P9059T: Graduate Seminar


  • Petro Canada Young Investigator Award (2013)
  • Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation - Early Researcher Award (2010)
  • Canada Research Chair in Carbon-based Nanomaterials and Nano-optoelectronics (2009)
  • Victoria Solar Energy Fellowship (2009)

Professional Activities