Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan, Assistant Professor


Contact Information

Office: PAB 120
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x82739
E-mail: gerdemci@uwo.ca

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Research Areas

Soft Matter, Biological Physics, Physics of Living Matter, Mathematical Modelling of Cell and Tissue Mechanics, Collective Cell Behaviour, Developmental Biophysics, Physics of Viruses

Research Interests

Using theoretical and computational techniques, my main research goals focus on understanding the fundamental physical mechanisms underlying complex biological processes. My current research interests include collective cell behaviour and modelling embryonic developmental processes using tools from soft matter and statistical physics.


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  2. G. Erdemci-Tandogan, and M. L. Manning, “Effect of cellular rearrangement time delays on the rheology of vertex models for confluent tissues”, PLOS Computational Biology 17, e1009049 (2021).
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  4. G. Erdemci-Tandogan, M. J. Clark, J. D. Amack and M. L. Manning, “Tissue flow induces cell shape changes during organogenesis”, Biophysical Journal 115, 2259 (2018).
  5. G. Erdemci-Tandogan, H. Orland, and R. Zandi, “RNA base pairing determines the conformations of RNA inside spherical viruses”, Physical Review Letters 119, 188102 (2017).
  6. J. Ning*, G. Erdemci-Tandogan*, E. L. Yufenyuy*, J. Wagner, B. A. Himes, G. Zhao, C. Aiken, R. Zandi and P. Zhang, “In vitro protease cleavage and computer simulations reveal the HIV-1 capsid maturation pathway”, Nature Communications 7, 13689 (2016).
  7. G. Erdemci-Tandogan, J. Wagner, P. van der Schoot, R. Podgornik and R. Zandi, “RNA topology remolds electrostatic stabilization of viruses”, Phys. Rev. E 89, 032707 (2014).

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Physics 3926: Computer Simulations in Physics


  • Rising Star in Engineering in Health (2020), Columbia University