Blaine Chronik, Professor

Blaine Chronik

Contact Information

Office: Room 228, PAB
Tel: 519 661-2111, 86455
E-mail: bchronikuwo@uwo.caa

MR Development Lab
Medical Physics overview

Research Areas

Medical physics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Research Interests

The MR Systems Development Lab has personnel engaged in research in the following areas:

  • Delta relaxivity magnetic resonance imaging (dremr)
  • Field-cycled magnetic resonance imaging (fcMRI)
  • Resistive magnet design and manufacture
  • Nuclear imaging modalities for inclusion with fcMRI
  • 4th gradient axis for diffusion weighted imaging
  • Gradient coils
    • Breast gradient coil insert
    • Animal gradient coil insert
    • Planar gradient coil insert
    • Carotid gradient coil
    • Head gradient coil
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation in MR environment
  • Eddy current modelling