Shantanu Basu, Professor

Shantanu Basu

Contact Information

Office: PAB 258
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x86706

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Research Areas

Theoretical Astrophysics
Star Formation
Planet and Brown Dwarf Formation
Circumstellar Disk Evolution
Computational Gas Dynamics

Research Interests

Look up in the sky on a clear night and away from man-made lights and you will see one of life's great marvels. Hundreds of stars and perhaps a few bright planets as well.  How did the the stars and planets in our universe come to be? An equally amazing feature of our universe is the ability of mathematics to make some sense of it all.  In our research group, we are deciphering the early stages of star formation, using the mathematical methods of physics and today's leading-edge computers.


  1. Vorobyov, E. I., and Basu S., "Variable Protostellar Accretion with Episodic Bursts", 2015, ApJ, 805, 115. 
  2. DeSouza, A. L., and Basu, S., "The Luminosity of Population III Star Clusters", 2015, MNRAS, 450, 295 (press release). 
  3. Basu, S., Gil, M., and Auddy, S., "The MLP Distribution: A Modified Lognormal Power-Law Model for the Stellar Initial Mass Function", 2015, MNRAS, 449, 2413. 
  4. Bailey, N. D., Basu, S., and Caselli, P., "Kinematics in Partially Ionized Molecular Clouds: Implications for the Transition to Coherence", 2015, ApJ, 798, 75.
  5. Kudoh, T., and Basu, S., "Induced Core Formation Time in Subcritical Magnetic Clouds by Large-Scale Trans-Alfvenic Flows", 2014, ApJ, 794, 127.

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Astronomy 020: Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomy 021: General Astronomy
Physics 029b: Physics for the Biological and Medical Sciences
Physics 2102
: Introduction to Modern Physics
Physics 247: Fundamentals of Modern Physics I
Astronomy 331: Galactic Structure and Interstellar Material
Astronomy 4101: Stellar Astrophysics

Astronomy 505: Astrophysical Gas Dynamics
Astronomy 9602: Galactic Astronomy


  • Faculty of Science Outreach Award, 2010 (awarded to entire Astronomy Group)
  • Faculty Scholar 2007-2009

Professional Activities

  • Chair, Western Physics and Astronomy, 2010 - 2015
  • Director, Western Theoretical Physics Program, 2008-2010
  • Member, Canadian Astronomical Society, Awards Committee Chair, 2002-2003
  • Member, American Astronomical Society
  • Member, International Astronomical Union
  • Chair, Scientific Organizing Committee, Magnetic Fields: Cloud Cores to Young Stellar Object, May 2010
  • Chair, Scientific Organizing Committee, From Protostellar Disks to Planetary Systems, May 2006