Pauline Barmby, Professor


Contact Information

Office: PAB 204
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x81557

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Research Areas

Observational studies of star formation and stellar populations in nearby galaxies;

Research Interests

I'm interested in  galaxies: how did they form and end up looking the way they do today? There are lots of different ways to attack this problem: my interest is in observational studies of both nearby galaxies and their star clusters and also distant, high-redshift galaxies. I've used quite a few different telescopes and instruments, with a lot of emphasis on infrared observations with the Spitzer Space Telescope.


    1. Ashby, M. L. N.; Willner, S. P.; Fazio, G. G.; Huang, J.-S.; Arendt, R.; Barmby, P.; Barro, G.; Bell, E. F.; Bouwens, R.; Cattaneo, A., SEDS: The Spitzer Extended Deep Survey. Survey Design, Photometry, and Deep IRAC Source Counts, ApJ. 2013.
    2. Huang, J.-S.; Faber, S. M.; Willmer, C. N. A.; Rigopoulou, D.; Koo, D.; Newman, J.; Shu, C.; Ashby, M. L. N.; Barmby, P.; Coil, A., Multi-Wavelength Study of a Complete IRAC 3.6 μm Selected Galaxy Sample: A Fair Census of Red and Blue Populations at Redshifts 0.4-1.2, ApJ. 2013
    3. Vulic, N.; Barmby, P.; Gallagher, S. C., Stacking Star Clusters in M51: Searching for Faint X-Ray Binaries, ApJ. 2013.

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Physics 1402B: Physics for Engineering Students II 

Astronomy 9610A:  Fundamentals of Modern Astronomy 


  • Ontario Early Researcher Award (2008)
  • Faculty of Science Outreach Award, 2010 (awarded to entire Astronomy group)
  • NASA Group Achievement Award, 2004 (awarded to the Spitzer Space Telescope Payload Team)

Professional Activities

  • Member, Board of Directors, Canadian Astronomical Society
  • Member/chair, Telescope time review panels including CanTAC, Spitzer, Chandra
  • Member, Canadian Gemini Science Committee, CASCA ground-based astronomy committee
  • Chair, scientific organizing committee, Gemini Science Conference, 2012; CASCA 2011
  • Member, Gemini telescope Users' Committee
  • Chair, Outreach committee, Western Physics & Astronomy, 2011–present