Important Information About Course Delivery

This information is to help you understand important terms that describe your courses.

Online = through the web only and no in-person requirements
Blended = at least 30% online with the remainder in-person
In-person = physically present on campus (although Western may rapidly pivot to replace in-person components with online components as the covid-19 pandemic dictates)
Synchronous = live component (e.g., between instructor and students, or between TA and students). A traditional in-person lecture is a synchronous lecture. An online lecture may be synchronous (e.g., via Zoom) or asynchronous (i.e., a recorded lecture that is posted for you to watch at a time convenient to your schedule). Synchronous means you need to be online at the scheduled time to attend the activity, although some of these activities may be recorded for later playback.

First year physics courses

If you’re still deciding on which first year physics course is right for you see our decision tree.
Physics 1501/1502, our flagship course, will have online lectures and tutorials. The laboratory component will be in-person labs with an online option possible.
For questions about Physics 1501 please contact Prof. Paul Wiegert (
Physics 1028/1029 will be 100% online (including labs).
Physics 1301/1302 will be 100% online but if conditions permit, will have occasional in-person tutorials (which will also be offered live). The tutorials are optional and not graded.
The coordinator of the Physics 1028/1029, 1301/1302 first year courses is Prof. Eugene Wong (
Physics 1401/1402, will be taken if you are in Engineering, the lectures are online but you will have the option to do the laboratory component of the course in person.