Taurid Meteor news has Western connections

The beautiful, serendipitous photograph by Bill Allen of a huge Taurid fireball streaking over Saskatchewan has created quite a flurry of news reports.

Various news reports contained at least three names with past or present Western connections.

Both the CBC and the Huffington Post quote Western grad Stan Shadick, now professor of physics at the University of Saskatchewan, who himself mentions Western's previous meteor collection curator Dr. Phil McCausland.  Phil McCausland is himself actively researching the Taurid meteor shower. Anyone who has a first hand account of a possible Taurid meteor siting should contact him at 'pmccausl at uwo dot ca'.

Another CBC Saskatchewan article quotes Western Physics and Astronomy PhD graduate Dr. Martin Beech, who now teaches at the University of Regina's Campion College.

Western's Meteor Physics group is closely studying the 2015 Taurid meteor shower, which has been forecasted to be better than average in numbers of meteors.

[CBC news article 1] [Huffington Post article] [CBC news article 2]

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