President Chakma sees CPSX Mars mission control room in action

Western President Amit Chakma visits CPSX Mars analogue mission control room

Western President Amit Chakma made an informal visit to the Physics and Astronomy building on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2015.

Meeting the team leaders.

Meeting the team leaders.

He had been invited by Interim Director of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) Gordon Osinski to view the new Mars analogue mission control room in action.

Dr. Osinski gave a brief overview of the current sampling mission project.

CPSX analogue mission control room team.

Mission control room team.

The mission control room is unique in North America. It is a platform whereby students and researchers can gain first hand experience in what it will be like to implement a sample recovery mission remotely from the planet Mars.

President Chakma spoke to the assembled mission control team, praising them for bringing Humankinds dream of exploring the planets one step closer to fruition. After he spoke, the President was able to witness part of the morning meeting as the team finalized the day's exploration and sampling schedule for a real Mars Rover robotic explorer (from MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates), which had been deployed to a remote location in Utah for the purposes of this project.

For further information on the two week exercise:

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