The Graduating Class of 2016

Graduating class of 2016

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Spring graduation for Sciences was held on Thursday, June 16, 2016.

A noon hour reception and recognition ceremony were held in the Physics and Astronomy atrium and in classroom PAB 100.

John de Bruyn (left) presents Nathalie Thibert with Don Hay Prize

John de Bruyn (left) presents
Nathalie Thibert with Don Hay Prize.

Students, their families, and friends were formally welcomed by Acting Chair Aaron Sigut and Associate Graduate Chair Silvia Mittler.

Undergraduate Chair Eugene Wong was the master of ceremonies for the proceedings.

Graduate students were introduced by their supervisors. Undergraduate students were introduced and queried by Prof. Wong as to their future plans.

Each graduating student received the traditional departmental coffee mug.

University award winners were Nathalie Thibert (Don Hay Prize), and Sumit Sharma (Compton Dearle Gold Medal)

Paul Ross (left) presents Sumit Sharma with Compton Dearle Gold Medal.

Paul Ross (left) presents Sumit Sharma
with Compton Dearle Gold Medal.

A special Departmental undergraduate recognition award was presented to BSc graduate Nathalie Thibert for academic excellence and community engagement. Graduating PhD student Parshati Patel was recognized as a role model in community and outreach engagement for graduate students.

Finally, Physics and Astronomy staff members Peter Frank and Henry Leparskas were thanked by the students.

PhD graduates

Thesis title


Ahmed, Ahmed

“Nitrogen Abundances in Early-Type Be Stars”

Aaron Sigut

Patel, Parshati

“The Inner Gaseous Disks Of Herbig Be Stars”

Aaron Sigut/John Landstreet


MSc graduates

Thesis title


Abeyasinghe, Pubuditha

“Structure-Function Relationship of the Brain: A comparison between the 2D Classical Ising model and the Generalized Ising model”

Andrea Soddu

Brzozowski, Marek

“The Study of Nano-optics In Hybrid Systems”

Mahi Singh

Changizrezaei, Setarehalsadat

“Simulation of Heterogeneous Colloidal Particles Immersed in Liquid

Colin Denniston

Karpiak, Mike

"Detection and Characterization of a Nontransiting Planet in the KOI 3445 System"

Paul Wiegert


BSc graduates

Thesis title


Altenbeck,Johnathan Robert                       


MSc at Western



Considering Med School



MSc at McGill, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences



Graduate studies






Med School

Thibert,Nathalie Chantal                         

Applying Hierarchical Clustering to Broad Absorption Line Profiles for Quasar Classification.

MSc in Astronomy at Saint Mary's University in Halifax on Extragalactic Astronomy and Galaxy Evolution



Move to BC, and look for a position. Perhaps join the military and become a jet pilot.

Whitfield,Danielle Nicole                        


For the summer, working at Canadian Poetry Press in the English department while completing two computer science courses. In the fall, Computer Science diploma through Western Continuing Studies