Gifted TVDSB students experience the physics of curling

Shawn Donohue teaches the curling of physics

Shawn Donohue teaches the physics of curling. (photo courtesy Mrs. Ensing)

Two Department of Physics and Astronomy lecturers, Alyssa Gilbert, and Shawn Donohue, were involved in teaching a cluster for Mrs. Ensing's TVDSB itinerant gifted students.

The topic was the physics of curling.

Alyssa Gilbert helped to provide the background material and links for the class.

Shawn made a presentation to the class.  He reviewed Newton's laws, along with the concepts of inertia, mass, energy, vectors, velocity, and of course friction.

Shawn then discussed why curling stones behave the way they do.  It is certainly not obvious why the stones curl in the way that we experience.

The students went to the London Curling Club to experience curling first hand.

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