Fereshteh Rajabi awarded Mitacs Globalink Research Award

Fereshteh Rajabi was recently awarded a Mitacs Globalink Research Award (Sorbonne Universités) that will allow her to conduct research at the prestigious Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (LKB) at the Collège de France, in Paris.

Researchers at the LKB are world renowned leaders in the field of fundamental physics of quantum systems, and the laboratory has had three of its members awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics since its inception (A. Kastler 1966, C. Cohen-Tannoudji 1997, and S. Haroche 2012).

During her stay at the LKB Fereshteh will be working in the Cavity Quantum Electro Dynamics group led by Prof. Serge Haroche, under the direct supervision of Prof. Jean-Michel Raimond. Her research project, entitled "Generating Large-scale Schrödinger Cat States and Exploring the Quantum to Classical Boundary,” is aimed at obtaining an understanding of the transition between the classical and quantum worlds.  

Fereshteh is a PhD student in Physics under the supervision of Prof. M. Houde.  Her research projects at Western are concerned with the application to the interstellar medium of quantum mechanical effects observed in the laboratory.  She has recently submitted a paper to the Astrophysical Journal on “Dicke’s Superradiance in the ISM - The 21 cm Line".