Dr. Pete Worden presented the 2016 CPSX Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Pete Worden - The 2016 CSPX Distinguished Lecturer

Retired U.S. Brigadier General Dr. Pete Worden, now Chairman of Breakthrough Initiatives, is the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) Distinguished Lecturer for 2016.

Dr. Worden gave two talks. First he spoke at the CPSX lunchtime Research Forum on the topic "Alpha Centauri System - Is There a Habitable Planet? Can We Go There?".

In the evening, CPSX Acting Assistant Director Dr. Ken MacIsaac welcomed the audience. Former CPSX Director Dr. Peter Brown then introduced the speaker Dr.Pete Worden.

Dr. Worden presented the 2016 CPSX Distinguished Lecture on the topic "From General Relativity to Life in the Universe: A Century of Breakthrough Science", after which he was presented with the CPSX Distinguished Lecturer Award.  A reception in the Physics and Astronomy Building atrium followed.

Physicist Stephen Hawking and Russian tycoon Yuri Milner created Breakthrough Initiatives to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life in the Universe and consider a plan for possibly transmitting messages out into space.

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