Celebrating "Squarehead", Brian Davis' first published book

Celebrating Brian Davis' new book

Chair Bob Sica (right) congratulates new author and staff member Brian Davis on his first published novel.

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As Chair Bob Sica summed up nicely in his congratulatory remarks, Canadians have had two milestone books about hockey and the Montreal Canadiens, these being "The Hockey Sweater" by Roch Carrier, and "The Game" by Ken Dryden.

Now, staff member Brian Davis has added to this lore with his first published book titled 'Squarehead'.

Members of Physics and Astronomy celebrated Brian's book at coffee time today. A surprise guest was Dean of Science Charmaine Dean, who also personally congratulated the new author.

Read about "Squarehead", published by Insomniac Press, on 'First Fiction Fridays'.

Here's where you can get a copy:



Local Indigo stores in Southern Ontario are each carrying some copies.

Brian is congratulated by Dean of Science Charmain Dean, and the Dean's Special Adviser, Martin Houde

Brian is congratulated by Dean of Science Charmain Dean (right) and Dean's Special Adviser Martin Houde (centre)