CAMBR Distinguished Lecture and Research Showcase 2015

CAMBR 2015

Professor Gregory D. Scholes of Princeton University - CAMBR Distinguished Lecturer for 2015

Professor Gregory D. Scholes

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR) at Western held the 2015 Distinguished Lecture and Research Showcase on Monday, April 27, 2015.

The day began at Conron Hall with the keynote lecture given by Professor Gregory D. Scholes of Princeton University. His presentation was titled "Photosynthetic light harvesting and ultrafast energy transfer".

Three sessions of oral presentations were followed by a reception and poster presentations in the atrium of the Physics and Astronomy building.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy was well represented during the course of the event.

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Photoessay of Physics and Astronomy presentations.

Jaewoo Park

Presenter: Jaewoo Park

Research Paper: "Synthesis of graphene nanoribbon thin films from graphene ridges decorated with copper nanoparticles" by Jaewoo Park, Arash Akbari-Sharbaf, Sabastine Ezugwu, Reg Bauld ,Giovanni Fanchini.

Ruiping Ge

Presenter: Ruiping Ge

Research Paper: "Efficiency enhancement of Si solar cells enabled by growth of lateral Si wire" by Ruiping Ge, Sergey N. Dedyulin, Shuyu Ding, Winnie Ye, Lyudmila V. Goncharova.

Sabastine Ezugwu

Presenter: Sabastine Ezugwu

Research Paper: "Three-dimensional scanning near field optical microscopy imaging of random arrays of copper nanoparticles and their use for plasmonic solar cell enhancement" by Sabastine Ezugwu, Hanyang Ye, Giovanni Fanchini.

Carolyn Cadogan

Presenter: Carolyn Cadogan

Research Paper: "The effect of annealing temperatures on the luminescence of silicon quantum dots in hydrogenated silicon nitride " by Carolyn Cadogan, Peter J. Simpson, Lyudmila V. Goncharova, Zhiqiang Wang, Tsun-Kong Sham.

Marek Brzozowski

Presenter: Marek Brzozowski

Research Paper: "Quenching of photoluminescence in quantum dots, metallic nanoparticles and graphene hybrid nanomaterials" by Marek Brzozowski and Mahi R. Singh.

James Gaudet

Presenter: James Gaudet

Research Paper: "Controlling the synthesis of ion-implanted Si quantum dots in SiO2" by James Gaudet, Lyudmila V. Goncharova and Peter. J. Simpson.

Cameron Hopkins

Presenter: Cameron Hopkins

Research Paper: "The development of a vibrating wire rheometer" by Cameron Hopkins and John R. de Bruyn.

Sivayini Kandeepan

Presenter: Sivayini Kandeepan

Research Paper: "OMCVD gold nanoparticles covalently attached to polystyrene for bio-sensing application" by Sivayini Kandeepan, Joseph A. Paquette, Joe B. Gilroy, Silvia Mittler.

Shankar Balakrishnan

Presenter: Shankar Balakrishnan

Research Paper: "Transmission of light in metallic nano-hole array structures" by Mahi R. Singh, Mohamadreza Najiminai, Shankar Balakrishnan, Jeffrey J. L. Carson.

Rony Sharon

Presenter: Rony Sharon

Research Paper: "Development of polymer substrates for waveguide evanescent field fluorescence microscopy" by Rony Sharon and Silvia Mittler.

Renjie Hou

Presenter: Renjie Hou

Research Paper: "Second harmonic generation microscopy from non-centrosymmetric gold-coated polystyrene spheres" by Renjie Hou and Francois Lagugné-Labarthet.