March Break Open House 2016 was a beehive of activity

March Break Open House 2016 - Physics and Astronomy at Western University, Canada

[images from March Break Open House 2016]

March Break Open House 2016 was held in the Physics and Astronomy building atrium on Saturday, 12 March 2016.

There was a wonderful, positive hum of activity throughout the entire day in the atrium as well as the over at the first year laboratories.

A meet and greet for Physics and Astronomy was attended by about two dozen people. We can't thank guest mentors Nataliya Moldovan and Laura Lenkic enough for sharing their experiences with our prospective physics and astronomy students. You can view Laura's and Nataliya's testimonials online.

Volunteers for 2016 were Patrick Hatch, Nathalie Thibert, Conor Dunne, Nedim Smailovic, Pritpal Matharu, Michael Molliconi, Adrian Mahjour, Jason Aubrey, Jon Levert, Ian Mulholland, Mark Wheatley, Alex Buchel, John de Bruyn, Carol Jones, Wayne Hocking, Jan Cami, Bob Sica, Tammie Poepping, Eugene Wong, Kanthi Kaluarachchi, Shailesh Nene, Peter Frank, Phin Perquin, Jen Tilston, Brian Davis, Dilini Subasinghe, Shayamila Gamage, Edith Yeung, Henry Leparskas.