Western researchers take Canada's best ever images of Mars

First Canadian image of Martian surface using HiRise camera on NASA's Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO)

Second Canadian MRO image, showing dry ice frost recede as spring arrives on Mars' southern hemisphere

Dr. Livio Tornabene

Livio Tornabene

Canada got a crack at doing first science from the NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in the 211th imaging cycle.

Taking the honours were Western CPSX research scientist Dr. Livio Tornabene and his team of students, who include graduate students Ryan Hopkins (Physics and Astronomy), Eric Pilles (Earth Science), as well as undergraduate Kyle Hansen.

The HiRISE camera on the MRO is the highest resolution camera ever to take images of the Martian surface.

Dr. Tornabene has been involved with the HiRISE camera science project since its conception in 2006.

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