Astronomy Seminars from 1999-2000

Mon., Jan. 10
3:30 pm
Dr. Anthony F. J. Moffat
University of Montreal
Massive Stars:  The Principal Furnaces of the Universe
Thurs., Jan. 13
4:00 pm
Dr. N. Piskunov
Uppsala Astronomical Observatory, Sweden
Magnetic Doppler Imaging and Other Things in Progress in Uppsala
Thurs., Jan. 27
4:00 pm
Dr. Stefano Bagnulo
Institut für Astronomie, Wien Universität 
Mapping magnetic fields of A and B stars through observations of Stokes profiles
Tues., Feb. 8
4:00 pm
Dr. David  Bohlender
National Research Council
Progress in Resolving the Diffuse Interstellar Band Enigma?
Thurs., Feb. 10
4:00 pm
Dr. E. Bergin
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
H20 and 02 in the Interstellar Medium:  New Insights from the Submillimeter-Wave Astronomy Satellite
Thurs., March 9
4:00 pm
Todd Fuller
Formation and destruction of the first objects in the cosmos
Thurs., March 23
4:00 pm
L. B. F. M. Waters
Astronomical Institute
University of Amsterdam
Clues to the Origin of the Nebula Surrounding Eta Carinae
Wed., June 9 
3:00 p.m.
Dr. R. Elizabeth Griffin
Academic Visitor
Dept. of Physics 
Oxford University, UK
Observing Stellar Chromospheres
Tues., July 20 
3:30 pm
Dr. Grant Hill 
McDonald Observatory 
Fort Davis, Texas
Modelling the spectra of WR+O colliding wind systems
Thurs., August 19
4:00 pm
Dr. Rainer Wehrse
Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics in Heidelberg
M star atmospheres and ISO observations
Thurs., Sept. 16
12:00 noon
Dr. Ralph Pudritz
McMaster University.
Discussion of Long Term Planning Proposal on Astronomy Recommendations (LRPP)
Thurs., Sept. 16
3:30 pm
Dr. Ralph E. Pudritz
McMaster University
Star Formation and Topology:  Magnetized, Filamentary Molecular Clouds and Their Cluster-Forming Cores
Thurs., Oct. 7
4:00 pm
Dr. Charles Curry
U.W.O., Waterloo University
Toward a Less Solitary Theory of Star-forming Clouds
Thurs., Oct. 28
4:00 pm
J. J. Kavelaars
McMaster University
>Buzzing like beehive:  Uranus swarming with distant moons
Thurs., Nov. 11
4:00 pm
Dmitry Pogosyan
University of Toronto
Velocity Modification of HI Power Spectrum
Thurs., Nov. 25
4:00 pm
Dr. Richard Larson
Yale University
Star Formation in the Early Universe
Mon., Dec. 20
3:00 pm
Dr. Inese Ivans
University of Texas
Stellar Alchemists - Giants in the Closest Globular Cluster