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Physics 9640 - Biomedical Ultrasound

Cross-listings: BIOPHYS 9640, BME 9640, ECE 9204.

Course description: Fundamental physics and instrumentation of biomedical ultrasound imaging presented at a level suited to graduate students performing thesis research in ultrasound imaging. The course will encourage students to develop a unified conceptual and mathematical understanding of ultrasound imaging and will emphasize the use of computer simulation to illustrate and extend key concepts. Topics covered will include physical acoustics, beam and image formation, coherent speckle, and blood-flow and tissue-motion estimation.

  Prof. Tamie Poepping (course coordinator)
  & Prof. James Lacefield

Course details (2014):
  Course Syllabus

  3 lecture hours, 0.5 course

  Winter term (Jan-Apr 2014)
  Times: Mon 1-2:30, Fri 9-10:30 (starting week of Jan 13)
  Location: Physics & Astronomy Building, PAB 49

Course delivery website: UWO OWL
  (UWO username and password required)