Biomedical Ultrasound Research LabWestern Science

Professor Tamie Poepping

Research Overview

My research focus is the development of ultrasonic techniques for non-invasive imaging and flow visualization, primarily to elucidate the connections between vascular tissue changes and local hemodynamics. The development and progression of vascular disease involves an inherent feedback loop whereby local hemodynamics (e.g. oscillating shear) affect tissue changes (e.g. plaque development), which in turn affect the hemodynamics (e.g. turbulence). Hence, to investigate the role of hemodynamics in vascular disease, it is important to be able to map out and characterize the local hemodynamics relative to the tissue geometry and composition (available through various imaging modalities, incl. ultrasound), as well as follow any correlated tissue and hemodynamic changes.

Education and Affiliations

B.Sc. Honors Physics University of Alberta, Edmonton
M.Sc. Physics (Medical Physics) McMaster University, Hamilton
Ph.D. Medical Biophysics Univ. of Western Ontario & Robarts Research Institute, London
Research Associate University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Associate Professor Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Western
Associate Professor Dept. of Medical Biophysics, Western



Curriculum Vitae