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Research Overview

Biomedical Ultrasound Lab at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

My research involves studying complex blood flow in vivo and in life-size models to reveal the physical forces that may contribute to disease development and progression, as well as recreating these flow environments in microfluidic ‘lab-on-a-chip’ devices to elucidate the responsible cellular mechanisms.

We develop models and techniques that enable us to study variables affecting blood flow, such as in arteries, aneurysms, or the developing fetus.  

We also develop and use microfluidic devices, which are microscopic flow channels (50-500 um), where we can grow live cells and then study the real-time response of the cells to different types of flow stimulus. For these devices, we can use micro-PIV to accurately map out the flow in these miniature ‘lab-on-a-chip’.