NGC 6210
Conferences Organized

Astrowin19 (Twitter @AstroWinSc).
Feb 19-23, 2019

Astrowin17 (Twitter @AstroWinSc).
Feb 20-23, 2017

Astronomy at Taj 2016 (Twitter @astronomyattaj, #AstronomyAtTaj2016),Summary.
Feb 15-19, 2016

Magnetic Fields: From Core Collapse to Young Stellar Objects,
May 17-19, 2010

Ontario Star Formation Jamboree,
October 2008

First Western Workshop: From Protostellar Disks to Planetary Systems,
May 2006

Other Conferences

Following are links to some interesting conferences to which I was invited or served on the SOC. For a full listing of my invited talks, see the Talks page.

Zooming in on Star Formation,
June 2019

Francesco's Legacy: Star Formation in Space and Time,
June 2017

Early Phases of Star Formation,
June, 2014

Star Formation Rate @50: Filling the Cosmos with Stars,
July 2009

Early Phases of Star Formation,
June 2008

The Cosmic Agitator - Magnetic Fields in the Galaxy,
March 2008

Early Phases of Star Formation,