Martin HoudeWestern Science


Areas of Research


Research Overview

I am an astrophysicist who is mostly concerned with understanding the basic physical processes involved in the formation of stars. The areas of research I cover lean strongly towards observational studies, as well as the development of new generations of instrumentation. These instruments allow for the discovery of important results that bring us closer to a more complete picture of the star formation process. My work, however, whether past or current, is not limited to simple presentations of observational data, but often leads to important new physical interpretations and models that significantly contribute to our understanding of star formation.

Research Group

My research group at Western includes the following members:

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistant: Victor Tranchant (from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France; Summer 2018)

Graduate Students: Mohammed Chamma (MSc Astronomy), Chris Wyenberg (PhD Physics; starting Fall 2018)

Undergraduate Students: Julia Bruce-Robertson


PhD: Michael Attard (Astronomy 2009, Data Scientist at Philips, Netherlands), Talayeh Hezareh (Astronomy 2010 and von Humboldt Fellow, MPIfR), Peter Komorowski (Physics 2011, Visiting Scientist, Western), Scott Jones (Astronomy 2015, System and Software Specialist - U. of Waterloo), Fereshteh Rajabi (Physics 2016, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Quantum Computing, U or Waterloo)

MSc: Michael Attard (Astronomy 2005), Tim Officer (Astronomy 2008), Shadi Chitsazzadeh (Astronomy 2009), Fereshteh Rajabi (Astronomy 2012), Shokoofeh Nourbakhsh (Astronomy 2012), Maryam Tabeshian (Astronomy 2012)