Paul Wiegert, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair


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Office: PAB 238
Tel: (519) 661-2111 x81327
E-mail: pwiegert [at] uwo [dot] ca

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Meteor Physics

Research Areas

Planetary Dynamics

Research Interests

I'm interested in the dynamics of the Solar System, particularly its smaller bodies, asteroids, comets and meteoroid streams. I'm also interested in the dynamics of planets around other stars, and in celestial mechanics in general.


  1. Weryk, R. J.; Campbell-Brown, M. D.; Wiegert, P. A.; Brown, P. G.; Krzeminski, Z.; Musci, R., "The Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory (CAMO): System overview", Icarus, 2013.
  2. August, Tyler M.; Wiegert, Paul A.,"Color Dependence in the Size Distribution of Main Belt Asteroids Revisited", The Astronomical Journal, 2013.
  3. Jones, C. E.; Wiegert, P. A.; Tycner, C.; Henry, G. W.; Cyr, R. P.; Halonen, R. J.; Muterspaugh, M. W., "Using Photometry to Probe the Circumstellar Environment of δ Scorpii", The Astronomical Journal, 2013.

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