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This web-site is for P9812 taught in 2011.
You will find details on the course outline, course announcements, posted lecture notes, homework assignments and grades for 2014 on the OWL web-site.
You can access OWL by logging in at https//

Lectures: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am - 11:00am, P&A room 49

Office hours: Tue, 1-3pm, PAB 231

Lecture notes: will be posted on the web site as the term proceeds (menu on the left). You may also want to take your own notes during the classes.

Recommended books:
M.P. Marder, Condensed Matter Physics (2000)
N.W. Ashcroft and N.D. Mermin: Solid State Physics (2003)
Ch. Kittel: Introduction to Solid State Physics (1998)

Course Material (not limited to...):
    Part I:
  • Crystal Lattices; The Reciprocal Lattice; Experimental Determination of Crystal Structure
  • Complex Structures (alloys, liquids, liquid crystals, polymers and quasicrystals)
  • Phonons and Neutron Scattering
  • Thermal Effects in Solids
  • Electron Theory in Metals and Band Theory
  • Physics of ion-surface interactions and focused ion beam; Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy; Lithography
    Part II:
  • Optical Properties of Crystals
  • Ferroelectricity and Structural Phase Transitions
  • Magnetic materials
Assignments and Grades: Course requirements will include 2 homework assignments (each of them contributes 15% of the grade); midterm exam (30%), final paper (40% of the grade) . Assignments and their deadlines will be posted on the web site (see menu on the left).

Syllabus in pdf format is posted here.