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Course Description:
  • Physics 9059T is part of the comprehensive examination process for the Ph.D. programs in Physics and Theoretical Physics. All doctoral students in these programs must complete the requirements described below by the end of their second year of Ph.D. study.

  • Meetings:
  • September 14, 2pm, PAB 231

  • Course Goals:
    1. Demonstration of mastery of the background physics of the student's research field
    2. Develop ability to assess presentations
    3. Practice in giving research talks
    4. Demonstration of understanding the literature
    5. Demonstration of ability to critically assess the literature
    6. Certification of ability to pursue an independent research project leading to the thesis
    Course Procedures:

    The following items (roughly in order) are required for completion of Physics 9059T:

    1. Attendance and evaluation of previous Physics 9059T talks
      • this is to help prepare for graduate seminar, and so should be completed in advance
      • the evaluation must be written. Download the form here.
      • in case of scheduling difficulties, Department Colloqui may be sustituted for one or more Physics 9059T talks
    2. One to three research papers assigned from the current literature (by term 4 of study)
      • choice made by the student's advisory committee and approved by Physics 9059T coordinator
      • papers should be relevant to the student's research, but his or her personal research is excluded
      • review papers are not recommended
    3. Date of talk scheduled
      • after the papers are assigned, the talk will be scheduled for a date in 2-3 month, but not later than early February 2012
      • the date will be decided 2 weeks after the papers are assigned
    4. Written summary of talk submitted
      • this must be done 2 weeks in advance of the talk
      • should be no more than 2 pages long
      • if unsatisfactory, it will be returned for revisions
    5. Talk is given
      • the talk should be ~45 minutes
      • prior rehearsals are permitted and encouraged
      • level of presentation should be for a general physics audience
      • the talk should critically review the assigned research papers
      • the content of the papers and their context in the field should be clearly explained
      • the audience will be permitted to ask questions
    6. Oral examination of student
      • examination will take place in a separate meeting immediately after the talk and question period
      • examiners will consist of the student's advisor(s) and advisory committee, and the examination will be chaired by the Physics 9059T coordinator
      • the purpose of the examination is to clarify the student's comprehension of any unclear areas of the talk
      • the examination will be time-limited to 30 minutes
    7. Assignment of grade for presentation and examination
      • the examination committee will (in the absence of the candidate) consider the quality of the talk and subsequent answers to questions
      • evaluation will be primarily based on Course Goals 3 to 6 (above)
      • the examiners and the Physics 9059T coordinator will each assign a numerical grade to the presentation
      • the result will be communicated to the student immediately after it is decided
      • exact marking scheme will be posted later