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Last update: Mon, December 22, 2008 1:12:43 PM

Dec 22, 2008

Winter term classes start on January 6:
contact Prof. Jef Hutter for the details (he will be substituting Prof. Mahi Singh during the first 1-2 weeks)

Dec 12, 2008

Midyear Exam results are ready:
you can pick up the exams from my office before Dec 25, 2008, or after Jan 12, 2009.
Average for the midyear exam is 23.1 (out of 30)

Lectures: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, P&A room 137

Lecture notes: will be posted on the web site as the term proceeds (menu on the left). You may also want to take your own notes during the classes.

Course Material: There are several topics as listed below :
  1. Atomic Structure and Bonding
  2. Crystal Structure
  3. Crystal Growth and Defects
  4. Characterization Techniques
  5. Diffusion
  6. Mechanical Properties
  7. Intro to thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams
  8. Alloys, Ceramics and Polymers
Assignments and Grades: Course requirements will include 5 homework assignments (each of them contributes 10% of the grade); a midterm examination in late October (20%) and final examination (30% of the grade). Assignments and their deadlines will be posted on the web site (see menu on the left).

Download Course Outline in pdf format here