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London has a rich and vigor medical physics community. I encourage you to visit some of my collaborators' webpages to learn more about the diversity and breadth of their research programs.

London Regional Cancer Program

Jeff Chen, PhD
Dr. G. Bauman
Stewart Gaede, PhD
Dr. M. Lock
Doug Hoover, PhD
Dr. D. D'Souza
Scott Karnas, PhD
Dr. F. Perera
Craig Lewis, MSc
Dr. B. Fisher
Kathleen Surry, PhD
Dr. V. Venkatesan
Slav Yartsev, PhD
Dr. B. Yaremko
Dr. E. Leung
Dr. D. Palma



Robarts Research Institute
Rob Bartha, PhD
Aaron Fenster, PhD
T.Y. Lee, PhD
Paula Foster, PhD
Timothy Scholl, PhD
Giles Santyr, PhD
Maria Drangova, PhD
David Holdsworth, PhD