Dr. Elizabeth A. Silber


I am mainly interested in theoretical and numerical studies of shock wave formation, propagation and dynamics in the context of hypersonic projectiles and their effect on planetary atmospheres and surfaces.

However, my broad research interests are wide-ranging and interdisciplinary in nature, as exemplified by the non-exhaustive list below:
- small bodies in the Solar System
- planetary interiors, surfaces and atmospheres
- planetary impact risk assessment and mitigation
- deformation of Earth and planetary materials
- shock induced modification and transformation of materials
- shock wave propagation in solids, liquids and gasses
- numerical modeling of hydrodynamic processes
- non-linear acoustics with the focus on infrasound
- ocean acoustics

Current Research

My research covers several themes:

(1) shockwave physics in the context of planetary impacts (meteoroids and asteroids);
(2) evolution and modification of solid planetary surfaces as a result of impacts (numerical modeling using shock physics hydrocode);
(3) infrasound (acoustic) monitoring of natural and anthropogenic phenomena (bolides, re-entry vehicles, environmental noise, non-proliferation issues);
(4) planetary defense;
(5) evolution and composition of small bodies in the solar system, and delivery of exogenous material to the Earth;
(6) shock induced chemical and physical phenomena during extra-terrestrial object entry into the upper atmosphere

Other Research

- Infrasound monitoring of natural and anthropogenic phenomena
- Doctoral research