A List of Errors for the Third Edition of Photospheres

Known Errors & Comments for the old 3rd edition:

p. 12, Eq. 1.11: The dv at the end still has three components and might be written as d3v.  The same is true in Eq. 1.12.

pp. 12 & 13: One may wish to call v1, v2, and v3 speeds instead of velocities.

p. 23, top line: replace the word probably with probable.

p. 28, Fig. 2.1: The star convolution sign between the top and middle panels should be a multiplications sign.

p. 40, Fig. 2.8: The star convolution sign between the Shaw function and F(x) to the left should be a multiplication sign.

p. 75, third paragraph, first line: should read λ/Δλ = 105.

p. 120, following Eq. 6.4: The numerical value of sigma should be 5.67040 x 10-5 or 10-8 to be consistent with the more correct value in Appendix A.

p. 131, Eq. 7.8: The integration variable at the end should be tν not τν.

p. 142, four lines after Eq. 7.37: The density units should be g/cm3.

p. 149, last text line before Eq. 8.1: (1.16) should be (1.17).

p. 150, third line of text: Delete the I2 in (hRc/I2).

p. 150, Eq. 8.3: For the best accuracy with numerical computation, one would normally use the more complete value of 13.598 eV instead of 3.60 eV, as in Appendix D.

p. 151, 8 lines up from bottom: 3746 should read 3647.

p. 152, Fig. 8.2: the Balmer limit is at 3647, not 3746.

p. 160, Fig. 8.5, panel (a) does not properly portray the H- bound-free component.  The correct version is: