Contact Information

John R. de Bruyn
Physics & Astronomy 230
(519) 661-2111 x86430
debruyn [at] uwo [dot] ca
FAX: (519) 661-2033

Research Opportunities

Students interested in working with me as a graduate student must have a strong academic record and good commnication skills. Research experience (e.g., through an undergrad research project) is a benefit but is not absolutely required. Interested students should apply through the University of Western Ontario. Students accepted into our graduate program normally receive full financial support thorugh a combination of TAs, RAs, and internal scolarships. For more information, please feel free to contact me, or take a look at the Graduate Studies in Physics and Astronomy website.

I am always interested in hearing from people interested in doing a postdoc in my group. Unfortunately I don't usually have money to pay a postdoc, but send me an email anyway. Maybe something will come up...

I hire a couple of undergrad research assistants every summer. I also typically supervise at least one Physics 4999 Honors Thesis project every year. Many of the undergrads who work for me end up with refereed scientific publications or conference presentations. If you are interested, drop in to my office or contact me by email.