Contact Information

John R. de Bruyn
Physics & Astronomy 230
(519) 661-2111 x86430
debruyn [at] uwo [dot] ca
FAX: (519) 661-2033

Our Research Group

Graduate Students:

Masha Goiko
Cameron Hopkins
Force generation by macrophage cells
Vibrating wire rheometry

Yang Liu
Nirosh Getangama
Start-up flow in viscoplastic fluids
Dielectric spectroscopy

Undergraduate Students:

Adam Fortais
Rheology of blood-mimicking fluids

Research Assistant:

Grace Ge
Functional Coatings

The de Bruyn group, August 2014

The de Bruyn group, November 2012

The de Bruyn group, February 2010

Alumni - MSc.:

  • Jing Zou: Now a Ph.D. student at U. of T.
  • Ron Dauphinee: Works for the New Brunsick government
  • Tahani Aldahri
  • Maryam Mozaffari
  • Ruiping (Grace) Ge: Research Assistant at Surface Science Western

Alumni - Ph.D.:

  • Nan Yang: Works as a research scientist at Unilever, Shanghai
  • Felix Oppong: Now a research scientist at Unilever, England
  • Simon de Vet: Instructor at Dalhousie University

Alumni - Undergraduate Students:

  • Albert Santoni
  • Nick Frank
  • Darek Sikorski
  • Tim Toplak
  • Travis Williams
  • Sam Chippin
  • Zen Mariani
  • Peter Wright
  • Andrew Dittmer
  • Justin Bondy
  • Natalie Kehl
  • Dan Bator
  • Nathan Armstrong
  • Erin Kennedy
  • Masha Goiko
  • Cameron Hopkins
  • Brian Duong
  • Saied Sorkhou
  • Lizzy Davenport
  • Adam Fortais
  • Robert Cianfarani

... plus a whole lot of people from when I worked at Memorial University of Newfoundland