Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Transition from 3D to 2D of a single polymer as a function of its confinement


Colloidal particles in liquid crystalsTheoretical and computational studies are conducted on the quantum properties of solids, the dynamics of complex fluids, and the interaction of light and mater in hybrid nanomaterials.  Both bulk materials and artificially-structured (or engineered) materials are examined, where surface and interface effects are important. In some cases, these activities parallel those being investigated in Western’s experimental group on materials.  Applications to nanotechnology and nanomedicine are also investigated.
We focus on structural, dynamic, and transport properties of solids (including metals, semiconductors, and amorphous materials) and soft materials (such as liquid crystals, polymers, and biological materials) as characterized by their optical, magnetic, vibrational, mechanical, viscoelastic, electronic and electromagnetic behaviour.
Defect dynamics in liquid crystalsThe group consists of faculty members, occasional postdoctoral fellows, and research visitors as well as several graduate students. There are active collaborations within Western' and externally with other universities and with government and industrial research laboratories.

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