Western Physics and Astronomy in the IEEE Canadian Review, Spring 2022

The research of Dr. Austin Donald Misener, former head of the Physics Department at Western University, President of CAP, and Director of the Ontario Research Foundation, is featured in the Spring 2022 publication of IEEE Canadian Review. The article, Superfluidity for Engineers, Part 1: The Canadian Discoverers, discusses his pioneering experiments to measure the viscosity of liquid helium beginning in 1935. Donald is seen in the image here on the far right, with his colleagues at the Physics Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario.


The publication also acknowledges present-day research by Dr. Els Peeters of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western University. Dr. Peeters is one of thirteen competitively selected early-release investigative scientists who will be among the first to receive access to the James Webb Space Telescope during its first five months in operation. The research of Dr. Peeters and her team will focus on the interaction between infrared light produced by very large stars and their surrounding environment, and seek to understand how far-ultraviolet light affects the material among stars.

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