Welcome New Physics Faculty Members

On July 1, seven faculty members from the Department of Applied Math will officially join the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

As physics becomes more highly interdisciplinary in the coming decades it is critical to bring together the physicists at Western, both theoretical and applied, into a single collaborative hub.

This interdisciplinary trend, which sees almost every current member of the Department working primarily in an interdisciplinary area where biology, chemistry, earth science, computer science, engineering, etc. converge with physics, is the result of the reductionist approach physics takes to problem solving, which has broad applicability. 

This broad applicability is also true for Applied Mathematics, where, at Western about half of the research-active faculty identify as theoretical physicists. The Applied Mathematics members joining Physics & Astronomy all have a background in Physics, several already collaborate with Department members, two previously held Joint Appointments between Applied Mathematics and Physics, and another holds a CRC Tier II Chair in the “Foundations of Physics.”

Bringing these members into Physics & Astronomy from Applied Mathematics is a natural fit that reflects the evolution of research in the two Departments over the last half-century. In addition to benefiting the research mission of the Faculty of Science, it will improve the student experience by giving students a broader exposure to the subject.

We welcome their wisdom, expertise and dedication in both research and the classroom, and look forward to working with them all. 

Please welcome the following new Physics faculty members: