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Exploring the Stars

Exploring the Stars is a public outreach program organized by the Western Department of Physics and Astronomy in conjunction with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, London Centre. Our goal is to offer educational astronomy activities for elementary and secondary school students, university students, and the general public.

We offer private programs for groups, with events consisting of specialized topic presentations, hands-on activities and demonstrations, and guided observing at the Cronyn Observatory.

A parallel program is our 'Public Night' program which is open to everyone without needing to book in advance.  The public night program runs all summer, and once a month during the rest of the year.

Book an Event 

Events need to be booked in advance. Please email explorethestars@gmail.com, or visit the Exploring the Stars contact page.

Calendar of Events 

Below is a calendar of the Exploring the Stars events that have been scheduled. Private events are shown in red, while public events are in blue.

Exploring the Stars