Canada Wide Science Fair Entrance Scholarship

Canada Wide Science Fair winners 2014

Western is proud to offer an Entrance Scholarship to each winner of a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal.
2010 Entrance Scholarships
Gold Medal: $4000
Silver Medal $2000
Bronze Medal: $1000
  • You must maintain an "A" average in your final marks in your last year of high school.
  • You must register for full-time studies at Western's main campus.
  • This award is tenable for students registered in Year One only.
  • This award can be claimed only once.
  • The value of the scholarship is the amount displayed on your certificate signed by the Dean of Science.


Some students will win a scholarship more than once, but they cannot claim it more than once.

Example 1. A student wins a Silver Medal at the CWSF in 2013, and then a Gold Medal at the CWSF in 2014. This student may claim the larger Scholarship associated with the Gold Medal, but not the Scholarship associated with the Silver Medal.

Example 2. A student registers at another University in year one, and then transfers to Western in year two. This student will not be able to clam the entrance scholarship, because it is restricted to students in Academic Year One only.

Example 3. A student won a Gold medal in 2008, and so also won a Western scholarship of $2000. He entered first year at Western in September of 2010,by which time the value of the scholarship had risen to $4000. He will receive a scholarship of $2000, the amount shown on his certificate.