First Year Physics Laboratory

First Year Physics Laboratory

Link to the First Year Physics Laboratory OWL Site

OWL (Western password required):

This is a secured site used by many courses at Western. Use the same password and the username as your Western email without ‘’. Laboratory course outline, timetables and all other important information are posted on the above OWL page.

Location of the First Year Laboratory

Maps: Western-MSA map and MSA-Physics Labs map

First Year Physics Laboratory rooms: M2220, M2230, M2240, M2250

Second floor, Material Sciences Addition (MSA)


  • First year Physics labs are located one floor above the first year Chemistry labs.
  • Enter the Chemistry building as shown in Western-MSA map.
  • Take the stairs on your right and go to the second floor.

Follow the map MSA-Physics Labs given above.

Your contact information

We reply only to your student email account assigned by Western. Update your local London address and telephone number on file with the Office of the Registrar. We prefer not to call your out of town phone number.

Buy the first year physics laboratory manual package from the University bookstore

There are four different first year physics laboratory manual books.

Physics 1301A, Physics1401A, Physics 1501A - These courses use the same lab manual book

Physics 1302B, Physics 1402B, Physics 1502B - Thse courses use the same lab manual book

Physics 1028A lab manual book

Physics 1029B lab manual book

Buy the correct lab package for your course. For more information log in to lab OWL.

Who takes the laboratory?

Students from eight different courses, Physics 1301A, Physics 1302B, Physics 1401A, Physics 1402B, Physics 1501A, Physics 1502B, Physics 1028A and Physics 1029B attend the First Year Physics Laboratory. Each course is divided into two course sections and one or more lab sections. 

Laboratory Sub-Sections A, B, C and D

Each laboratory section is further divided into four laboratory sub-sections, A, B, C and D. For example, the laboratory sub-sections for Physics 1301 - lab section-003 are given as Physics 1301-003-A, 1301-003-B, 1301-003-C and 1301-003-D. Lab sub-sections for all the first year courses will be posted on the lab OWL page soon after the paper add/drop is closed .

Laboratory Timetables

Laboratory timetables will be posted on the lab OWL page.