Probing the Atmosphere Using High Power Lasers (Lidar)

Supervisor: Dr. Bob Sica

Can extend to MSc?:  Yes

Project Description (Abstract):

Lidar systems located in London, Eureka Nunavut and Switzerland.

Research opportunity with the Purple Crow Lidar (

We are looking for a student interested in machine learning to explore a project involving data categorization for the lidar system. No previous experience in machine learning is required.

We also have numerous projects available for students interested in atmospheric science, in particular studies using lidars (laser radars) which measure temperature and composition. You can participate in obtaining measurements with the Western’s Purple Crow Lidar ( in addition to learning to analysis existing measurements. We can help you choose a project based on your interests which will use measurements from either the PCL or other collaborators in the Canadian high arctic (Eureka) and at the Swiss meteorological service (Meteoswiss). Projects could include investigations of temperature, atmospheric dynamics (including waves) and composition (including water vapour and ozone). Your skill set will grow as you work with high power lasers, advanced detector systems and numerical techniques.

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