Modelling Blood Flow Through A Vessel

Supervisor: Dr. Olga Trichtchenko

Can extend to MSc?:  Yes

Project Description (Abstract):

This project will make use of a combination of existing open-source software, Slicer3D and OpenFOAM. To start modelling fluid flow through a blood vessel, we will begin by figuring out a way to extract an accurate three-dimensional shape representing a blood vessel from a series of images using Slicer3D. Once we extract the geometry, we would use existing methods in Slicer3D and other modules, to generate a good mesh representing the extracted vessel. Importing this mesh into OpenFOAM, which is software used in computational fluid dynamics, we can begin to model how blood will flow through the vessel we saw in the images. We will test different boundary conditions as well as choose different  fluid properties and models available in OpenFOAM to try to accurately represent the physical scenario. Running the simulations under different conditions, we would obtain many possibilities for how the fluid would behave. The goal will be to take the results from these different simulations and compare them to see which methods will lead to the most realistic result for blood flow through a vessel.  This project will involve learning how to use the software, so no prior knowledge of Slicer3D or OpenFOAM is expected.

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